Twins Concessions 2.0

Attention all JCI Minnesota members, alumni, Statesman, Ambassadors, Senators, friends, relatives, and basically anyone 18-years or older with a passion to help JCI Minnesota!

Due to the extreme weather we encountered during April, we need to continue our work with the Minnesota Twins concessions to complete our 10-game commitment.  Additionally, we have the opportunity to do even more, including concerts!  This is a GREAT way to make money for your organization.  So check out the details on our “Twins” page and then sign up using our SurveyMonkey survey!

NEW VOLUNTEERS WELCOME! However, you MUST attend a training, and the only one currently scheduled is on May 8 at Concordia Academy Auditorium, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Complete the survey, check the training session, and I’ll get you added to the class.

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