Give to the Max Day!!! November 15th

Give to the Max Day is coming up on November 15th. It is a great opportunity to continue to show your support of the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation.

By supporting the Foundation, you are also supporting JCI Minnesota, its affiliate chapters, the communities and surrounding areas that they serve, along with the partner organizations of JCI Minnesota.

We provide our support through grant requests, individual sponsorships, and direct donations.

Since 2002, the Foundation has been able to provide support in the amount of over $500,000!! Helping making for stronger individual members, chapter and state organization.

Please consider continuing to support JCI Minnesota and the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation by going to and looking for the Foundation.

We would greatly appreciate your support!

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Thank You for Your Continued Support!

During the JCI Minnesota Spring All-State Convention this past May, the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation held our annual Hall of Leadership Luncheon and Fundraising Event.

This year we had a great time with our John Hughes Movie themed event! From some great movie trivia to some fun games, it was a very successful event.

Thanks to the support of those in attendance, the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation was able to raise $17,609 in donations and pledges.

It is the support of current JCI members, alumni, and guests that helps the Foundation to be able to support JCI MN chapters, individual members, and State Organization.

Thank you all!!

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Twins Concessions – It’s Not Too Late!

We’ve been having fun making money for chapters and now’s your chance to join us!  There are THREE training sessions coming up:

  • Wednesday June 13, 12:00 Noon-3:00 pm – Falcon Ridge Middle School, 2900 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd., Apple Valley, 44124
  • Wednesday June 13, 6:00-9:00 pm – Maternity of Mary Church/ St Andrew School, 592 Arlington Ave. W, St. Paul 55117
  • Monday July 2, 6:00-9:00 PM – Bet Shalom Reform Congregation, 13613 Orchard Road, Minnetonka 55305

There are a LOT of home games remaining so choose as many as you like. Right now, we are targeting the June 22, 23 and 24th games.  Attending one of the June 13 training classes will qualify you to help! (Training is required, and you cannot work until you’ve attended their training.)

Also, once you’re trained and worked a game, you can volunteer at the various concerts coming up! A great way to make money for your chapter!

So complete the SurveyMonkey to sign up for a class and choose the games you want to volunteer at to make money for your chapter (or affiliated organization).

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Twins Concessions 2.0

Attention all JCI Minnesota members, alumni, Statesman, Ambassadors, Senators, friends, relatives, and basically anyone 18-years or older with a passion to help JCI Minnesota!

Due to the extreme weather we encountered during April, we need to continue our work with the Minnesota Twins concessions to complete our 10-game commitment.  Additionally, we have the opportunity to do even more, including concerts!  This is a GREAT way to make money for your organization.  So check out the details on our “Twins” page and then sign up using our SurveyMonkey survey!

NEW VOLUNTEERS WELCOME! However, you MUST attend a training, and the only one currently scheduled is on May 8 at Concordia Academy Auditorium, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Complete the survey, check the training session, and I’ll get you added to the class.

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2018 Hall of Leadership Honorees Announced!

It is with great pride that the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation announces its 2018 Hall of Leadership Honorees.

Our first honoree for 2018 is Kathy Schwantes from Willmar, Minnesota.   Kathy was a member of the Willmar Jaycees from 1991 – 2000.

Just highlighting the past few years of her leadership and commitment to the community we take a look at Willmar’s new playground.  Also referred to as Willmar’s Destination Playground, the park is located on Robbin’s Island and is vastly filled with activities to help develop children’s learning and motor skills.  Kathy was the co-chair involving planning, funding, and organizing volunteers to help build the playground.  Playground was totally funded by grants and donations and was built ahead of schedule!

In 2017 Kathy’s involvement in the community and leadership skills resulted in her being elected to Willmar’s City Council.  We are just beginning to see how she is helping our city even more then she has already done.

Congratulations, Kathy!


Our second honoree for 2018 is Martin “Toon” Bauman from Montrose, Minnesota. Martin joined as a  member of the Delano Jaycees in 1990 and remains active today as the Minnesota JCI Senate President.

Martin attributes his continued community directly to the Jaycees. Going to his first convention less than 12 months into his membership and not missing a single one since. That is 81 straight conventions.  Martin has been very active in the Delano 4th of July Celebration for the past 19 years and has been a major contributor to its success over those years.  From helping the Delano Jaycees be active in the event to helping build the float for the Delano Royalty.

Martin says that the biggest impacts the Jaycees have made on him are, “The lasting friendships, whether they are from within the state, around the US, or from other countries in the world. And taking the time to volunteer in your community and expecting nothing in return.”

Congratulations, “Toon”!


Our Hall of Leadership Honorees will be honored during the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation Hall of Leadership Luncheon on May 19th, 2018. The luncheon will be held at the Best Western Plus in Willmar, MN starting at 11:30am.  The event is in coordination with JCI Minnesota’s Spring All-Sate Convention.

Congratulations again to the 2018 Honorees!!


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The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation is excited to announce UPDATED Chapter Growth Incentives!  We have increased the quarterly chapter growth incentive amount to $100 per quarter and $200 for year end growth!

We have also added growth incentives for our Junior Jaycee Chapters. $25 for each quarter at growth and $100 for year end growth!

All the details of how to receive your FREE money for being at growth, click on the Chapter Growth Incentive tab on our website

Deadline for 1st Quarter submissions is April 20, 2018.

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Twins Concessions Sales – Eligibility

GREAT NEWS!  The final decision is in, and anyone 18 years of age and older (a restriction of the Twins concession management company) is eligible to work for us!  That includes potential Jaycees and non-Jaycee relatives!

Note, however, that we are only allowed to bring in a set number of people.  If we have more volunteers than slots available, we will staff in the following order:

  1. Regular members of JCI Minnesota and local chapters, including any paid employees of JCI Minnesota.
  2. Trustees of Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation that are NOT regular members of JCI Minnesota and local chapters.
  3. Dues-paid/Lifetime members of Minnesota JCI Senate.
  4. Dues-paid/Lifetime members of Minnesota Jaycee Ambassadors.
  5. Dues-paid/Lifetime members of Minnesota Jaycee Statesman
  6. Alumni members of JCI Minnesota and local chapters.
  7. Non-members that can be considered potential members (within the age-range of 18-40).
  8. Non-members over the age of 40.

Feel free to contact the Webmaster if you have any questions of concerns.  Looking forward to making money for JCI Minnesota and its affiliated organizations!

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Twins Concessions Update

Additional updates have been made to the Twins Concession Fundraiser page. Check out the latest information!

Twins Concession Fundraiser

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Twins Concession Fundraiser Information

A new page was added to the site with all of the necessary information about the fundraiser. Watch this for updates!

Twins Concessions Fundraiser

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Twins Concession Fundraiser – SPECIAL UPDATE

Calling all members of JCI Minnesota, its affiliated local chapters and affiliated organizations (Statesman, Ambassadors, Senators)!

Great news! By volunteering with the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation at the Minnesota Twins Home Games during their first eleven home games, you have the opportunity to help YOUR CHAPTER, JCI Minnesota, any of the affiliated honor organizations (Statesman, Ambassadors, Senators), the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation, AND YOURSELF!

If you haven’t seen the Facebook event yet (Concession Sales Fundriaser – MN Twins Home Games) check it out! But here’s the REALLY COOL PART!

As a volunteer for Concession Sales, the parent company requires all individuals to be “alcohol-server trained”. This training will happen during your mandatory training session (there are a few to choose from). And the cool part is the training also covers the “server training” requirement of JCI Minnesota’s Dram Insurance! AND IT IS 100% TOTALLY FREE!!

But wait! There’s more! After your first-year of “mandatory in-class training”, you have the opportunity to take the training on-line! And again, 100% TOTALLY FREE!! (Provided you continue to volunteer at the Twins Concessions…) No more paying for server training. How cool is that!?!

So click to the event, read a bit about it, and then click on the SurveyMonkey link to sign up for the dates you wish to volunteer and which training session you want! (Please note, in order to be in the February 12 training, you MUST sign up before end of day Friday, February 9.) So what are you waiting for??? Get signed up! Get trained! And earn some money for your chapter (or the Statesman/Ambassadors/Senator/Foundation/State – your choice!)

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