The Mission Statement of the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation:

The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to positive, visible support of JCI Minnesota and its membership through financial commitment for leadership development.

By supporting the Foundation, you help us in our endeavors to support the infrastructure of JCI Minnesota, and, more importantly, provide programming statewide which enhances the impact and leadership development of our young volunteers.

As a nonprofit organization, we count on you to step up and support the work you value and believe in. Your gift is an investment that can be amplified to have the greatest impact for JCI Minnesota and their ability to continue to develop young leaders across the state! For all the things the Jaycees have done for you and your community, a financial contribution is a valuable investment in the future of Minnesota’s communities.

The Foundation meets monthly at 6:30 pm on the 4th Wednesday. Check out the Events tab on our Facebook page for details.

Support the Foundation by donating at: https://www.givemn.org/organization/Minnesota-Jaycees-Charitable-Foundation.  By making a donation, you will begin (or continue) your journey toward becoming a Partner of the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation!  

Check out the various Partner levels!