25 Member Recruiter Incentive

You’ve worked hard throughout and the year and have recruited 25 new members to the Jaycees following the JCI USA 25 Member Recruiter Recognition program! Now you want to go the JCI USA Annual Convention to be recognized! The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation wants to help! And therefore, we will provide $500.00 in financial assistance to make sure you go to JCI USA Annual Convention!

Here’s the details of how this program works:

  1. Recruit 25 members between January 1 and December 31
  2. Work with each recruited member to ensure they access the JCI USA Membership System and enter your name in the appropriate field
  3. Complete the 25 Member Recruiter Recognition Financial Support Request Form (Word Format or PDF Format – online form coming soon)
  4. Email the completed Request Form along with a copy of your JCI USA Annual Convention Registration by January 31 to grant@jcimnfoundation.org
  5. Payment of $500.00 will be made by the Foundation by February 28

Eligibility: Any active JCI Minnesota member, in good standing is eligible. The recruiter must work with the recruited member to ensure the new member has listed the recruiter in the Membership System no later than December 31 of the year they joined.

Note: Alumni Members are very much appreciated for their support and may be recognized by JCI Minnesota, but due to the nature of the JCI USA program, are not eligible for this incentive.