New Chapter Extension Incentive

Starting a new chapter takes a lot of work and has some costs associated with it. With the goal of bringing Jaycees into new communities, the Minnesota Jaycee Charitable Foundation will help alleviate much of the financial burden of starting up a new chapter by providing funds as follows:

  • Charter Fee: $250.00
  • Charter Member Membership Dues: $50.00 per member for the first 20 members
  • Contribution to opening bank account of new chapter: $250.00

Now that we have a new chapter in a new community, keep working to grow and strengthen the chapter, and the Foundation will further assist by providing an additional $50.00 per member for the first 20 charter-member renewals!

PLEASE NOTE: Extensions of greater than 20-members MAY be awarded additional dues-discounts with a vote of the Trustees based on the financial status at the time of the extension. As the Extending Chapter, you are encouranged to contact the Foundation as early as possible if it appears you will be chartering the chapter with more than 20 charter members!

In-Chapter Extensions do NOT qualify for this incentive. (See the Chapter Growth Incentive.)


  • Charter Dues will be paid directly to JCI Minnesota upon verified receipt of the balance of the dues (currently $25.00 per member).
  • Renewal of Charter Member Dues will be reimbursed to the chapter upon verification by JCI Minnesota of renewed charter members.