Hall of Leadership Nomination

The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation

Hall of Leadership

To recognize former Jaycees over 40 years of age whose active leadership qualities during their Jaycee career contributed to a continuation of leadership and service in their communities subsequent to their active Jaycee years.  Activities and accomplishments must exemplify the Jaycee Creed.

Candidates must serve as an unselfish example of leadership and integrity worthy of emulation by active Jaycees everywhere and demonstrate excellence in at least two of the following five areas.

  1. Personal improvement or accomplishment.
  2. Financial success or economic innovation.
  3. Leadership in the fields of science, government, religion, the arts, education, or business, and professions.
  4. Philanthropic contribution or voluntary service.
  5. Any other important contributions to the community, state, or nation.

News releases will be sent to hometown media upon request and as specified by the inductee.

Induction Ceremony
A plaque of honor is presented at the annual Hall of Leadership held in conjunction with the JCI Minnesota Spring All-State Convention.  Hall of Leadership inductees (or his/her representative, if the inductee is deceased) will be expected to attend the ceremony.  Lunch is provided for the honoree and one guest.  Priority seating of one table will be reserved for chapters of honorees.

Nominations are due by March 15th. Inductees will be chosen by a review committee from all nominations submitted to the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation. Nominees may be living or deceased. Each nominee (or family members of deceased nominee) must submit a typed essay detailing how the Jaycee experience impacted his/her life. Qualified nominators may submit more than one nominee.

There is a $250 nomination fee that will be refunded if the candidate is not selected as an honoree.  Please mail the nomination fee to:

Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation
Attn: Hall of Leadership
1303 S Frontage Rd Suite 115
Hastings, MN 55033