Twins Concessions Fundraiser

JCI Minnesota, affiliated Chapters, Minnesota Statesman, Minnesota Ambassadors, and Minnesota JCI Senators!

We STILL need your help to help JCI Minnesota, your local chapter or your affiliated group!  By volunteering with the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Gambling by working concessions at Minnesota Twins home games, you can make money for the JCI Minnesota affiliated organization of your choice!

In order to complete our 10-game contract, we need to staff up for four more games. There are also additional game opportunities both for the group and for individuals, along with concerts!  Please complete the SurveyMonkey survey indicating dates you can work. PLEASE RESPOND PROMPTLY as the first game possibility is just 12 days away (and training for new volunteers is NEXT TUESDAY)!

For volunteers that have already attended a training session, please select the additional dates you would be willing to work.  For those that would like to join the fun, there is ONE scheduled training session (May 8 at Concordia Academy Auditorium, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM). You MUST attend a training in order to volunteer. So complete the survey and check that you will attend.


Concerts: There are four opportunities to run concessions for concerts at Target Field.  Sign up using the survey link above.

Staffing: When you sign up to work a game, please be aware that we will be depending on your participation.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Any game that gets 7 or more people will be added to the schedule, starting with the most popular, up to the first four most-popular games. This is to complete our 10-game commitment.
  • Once we have four games added to bring our commitment to 10, I will consider additional dates:
    • Any game that has 10 or more will be added
    • Any game that has 7-9 will be tentatively added pending email verification to all volunteers to check if they are still committed. If 7 or more verify, the game will be added.
    • Any game with fewer than 7 people will be tentatively added as “extra staffing”. That means we do not necessarily fully man a booth, but rather individuals are used to “complete” a booth. We get an equal share per-person in the booth. Again, pending email verification.

New Training!

It’s not too late to join the fun!  There is a training class scheduled for June 13. So sign up for the training (SurveyMonkey survey) and indicate the games/concerts you want to work that occur after June 13!  Join us now!

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone 18 and older (an age restriction imposed by the Twins concessions management company) is eligible to help us raise money for JCI Minnesota and affiliate through this program. That includes non-Jaycee relatives and potential Jaycees.  Please note, however, that there is a maximum to the number of people we can bring in for each game.  In case we go over that number, the final gate list will include (in order):

  1. Regular members of JCI Minnesota and local chapters, including any paid employees of JCI Minnesota.
  2. Trustees of Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation that are NOT regular members of JCI Minnesota and local chapters.
  3. Dues-paid/Lifetime members of Minnesota JCI Senate.
  4. Dues-paid/Lifetime members of Minnesota Jaycee Ambassadors.
  5. Dues-paid/Lifetime members of Minnesota Jaycee Statesman
  6. Alumni members of JCI Minnesota and local chapters.
  7. Non-members that can be considered potential members (within the age-range of 18-40).
  8. Non-members over the age of 40.

But remember, ALL volunteers MUST attend an on-site training session their first year of volunteering. And you MUST sign up with us at least three days before the game you want to work as we need to turn in our roster for Gate Security. This is not a project you can just “show up and work”, so remember to plan ahead.

Working Concessions:

All workers must arrive one-hour before the gates open, which is 1-1/2 to 2 hours before the game starts. For a good rule of thumb, since all games start at 10-minutes past the hour, plan to arrive 2-hours 40-minutes prior to game time.  So for the 3:10 game, arrive by 12:30.When the gates open, we need to be ready to sell. The AVERAGE game lasts about 3 hours, and then there’s cleanup. Estimating that we are all great workers, assume cleanup will take about 20 minutes. So the total time commitment for each game is about 6 hours. PLEASE NOTE! This is baseball!  Extra innings are possible. Rain delays are possible. So please be prepared!

JCI Minnesota Organizations Eligible to Receive Funds:

Each time you work, you can designate one of the following organizations to receive your share of the funds:

  • JCI Minnesota
  • Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation
  • Any local JCI/Jaycee chapter in Minnesota
  • Any local Junior Jaycee chapter in Minnesota (Reminder: Workers must be 18+, so although Junior Jaycees can’t volunteer, you adults can still direct your share to your local Junior Jaycees chapter.)
  • Minnesota Jaycees Statesman
  • Minnesota Jaycees Ambassadors
  • Minnesota JCI Senators
  • JCI Minnesota Regions

Note: All funds will be dispersed at the end of the season after the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation receives the final fund-disbursement from the concessions management company.

Further Questions:

If you have any further questions, use the Contact Us page to contact the Webmaster.