Easy Money for Your Chapter!

The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation is looking for volunteers, and in return will award your chapter (or other JCI MN affiliated organization) $50.00!

The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation operates Bingo at Steinhaus in Vermillion on Wednesday nights, the Eagles Club in Hastings on Thursday nights, and The Busted Nut in Hastings on the 1st and 3rd Monday nights. We are looking for volunteers to help manage these Bingo sessions.  This usually takes 3 – 4 hours from the time you set up till the time you clean up.

As a volunteer and representative of the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation, your responsibilities are simple:

  • Take inventory (beginning and ending)
  • Set up
  • Sell bingo packets
  • Complete paperwork – If you have a device with Excel on it, you can use a spreadsheet designed by our Gambling Manager that makes filling out the paperwork easier!
  • Prepare the deposit – Be assured, you will not actually take the deposit off site to the bank
  • Clean up

In return, the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation will send your designated organization $50.00 for each shift worked!


 I don’t know how to run Bingo; will there be training?

  • YES! In fact, an on-the-job training session will occur the first night you sign up, AND that night will ALSO earn your organization $50! This is payable after your first completed “solo” bingo night

Can multiple people volunteer together?

  • Yes, but we will only pay $50 per bingo session to a single qualifying organization regardless of the number of people volunteering.

Can we play while volunteering?

  • No. The Minnesota Gambling Control Board regulations state that anyone involved in any aspect of the bingo session is not eligible to play.

Why not just hire someone?

  • The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation is in the business of giving back and we wanted to give our members a low-risk opportunity to raise funds for their chapter. While the business expense to hire someone may be less expensive for the organization, it takes away from the money we can give back to JCI Minnesota.

Will I have to run bingo every week?

  • Not unless you want to! We’ll have a sign-up process allowing you to sign up for dates you can volunteer. These are first-come, first-served.
  • Once you are signed up, you are committed to fulfilling the shift.

Sign up now!  Please use the following Volunteer Sign-Up forms to select your timeslots! (Remember, your first time is your training session.)

April, 2019

May, 2019

June, 2019

The Gambling Manager will verify with you on any date you are signed up. And as the sites go on hiatus during the summer, certain dates may not happen.

Other questions, please email Gambling Manager Tom Joyal at gaming@jcimnfoundation.org.  If you’re ready to sign up, use the links to the monthly sign-up forms and remember, your first session is your training session. (Watch for more opportunities in the fall when Bingo restarts!)

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