New Donor Levels Added

Hey, everyone!

The Vision Partner donor-recognition level has become more refined! The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation is proud to announce that rare metals have been found hiding within the Vision Partner, and now you too can bring some of that metal home!

Previously, the Vision Partner was anyone or and JCIMN chapter who donated over $10,000 (individual) or $25,000 (chapter).  But now, with these rare metals, we will recognize the following:

  • Bronze Vision Partners:
    • Individual contributing $25,000-$49,999
    • Chapter contributing $50,000-$99,999
  • Silver Vision Partners:
    • Individual contributing $50,000-$99,999
    • Chapter contributing $100,000-$249,999
  • Gold Vision Partners:
    • Individual contributing $100,000-$249,999
    • Chapter contributing $250,000-$499,999
  • Platinum Vision Partners:
    • Individual contributing $250,000 and above
    • Chapter contributing $500,000 and above

But don’t despair as you approach the Platinum level!  I heard a rumor that someone spotted some precious gem stones in the Vision Partners field! But that’s just a rumor. After all, we need to build a strong Foundation with these metals before we bling it with gemstones!

You can review all of the levels of donor-recognition right here.

Ready to help support the Foundation? Make your tax-deductible donation at:

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